Robert Maiden

Dr. Robert Maiden, Ph.D.

dr-maidenRobert J. Maiden, PhD, is a Professor of Psychology and Director of the Gerontology Program at Alfred University. Dr Maiden came to Alfred University in 1982 to teach in the clinical/ counseling tract and the gerontology program of the psychology division and was designated the director of the Gerontology Program in 1984. He received his doctorate in clinical psychology and master’s degree in developmental psychology from the New School for Social Research; he received his bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Michigan.At Alfred University, Dr. Maiden teaches a wide variety of courses in psychology at both the undergraduate and graduate level from Cognition and Aging to Alcoholism and Family Dynamics. He regularly teaches Communication and Counseling Skills, Senior Seminar, Clinical Procedures and Practicum, and Health Psychology—a course he created which has become a relatively popular course in the psychology curriculum.Dr. Maiden nourished his interest in geropsychology at the Philadelphia Geriatric Center in 1978 where he was awarded a pre-doctoral clinical fellowship in geropsychology. M. Powell Lawton, a pioneer in the field, mentored him. Under Dr. Lawton’s compassionate mentoring, he honed his clinical skills and research interests as a scientist-practitioner. He has a part-time private practice as an associate of a medical group in psychiatry and psychology. He possesses a Certificate in Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders awarded by the American Psychological Association’s Board of Professional Psychology and holds a certificate as a Board Certified Diplomate-Fellow in Psychopharmacology awarded by the International College of Prescribing Psychologists and Prescribing Psychologists’ Register.Dr. Maiden was elected a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) and is a past President of the State Society on Aging of New York in 2003, and, also elected a Fellow of the Association of Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE) in 2008. He served as co-chair of the public policy committee of AGHE as well for GSA and now serves on AGHE’s Task Force to Accredit Gerontology Programs in Higher Education. He is active in Division 20 of American Psychological Association and served on its continuing education committee from 2005-2007.

Widely published, Dr. Maiden has authored or co-authored over 60 articles, abstracts, book chapters, book reviews and co-authored a book that focused on the political, sociological, and psychological daily lives or rural older Americans. In addition, he has presented over 100 papers at professional conferences many of which were co-authored with undergraduate and graduate students. He is a reviewer of several flagship journals in aging and is on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Aging & Human Development and the journal of Gerontology and Geriatric Education. His current research focuses on the utilization of mental health services by older adults in rural and urban environments, counseling grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, workforce values and the training of quality providers of services for older Americans, and the role of personality, engagement, and cognitive functioning in retirement. A strong advocate on serving in the community of behalf of older Americans, Dr. Maiden is one of the founding members of the Elder Abuse Task force in New Your State and advises several service-learning, community-service programs in the Southern Tier of New York.

Dr. Maiden employs a multifaceted approach in his counseling. He believes his client knows best how to “fix” their emotional and behavioral problem. He utilizes a empathetic cognitive-behavioral approach to focus on his patients’ most pressing issues and needs. Dr. Maiden is pragmatic and takes an eclectic approach in his psychotherapy. He is not married to any specific paradigm or theory and focuses pragmatically on what works for the clients and their families. Dr. Maiden has been practicing in the clinical field for over 34 years. A general practitioner in a rural community, Dr Maiden sees individuals from the age of two up to the oldest-old. He sees people of all gender orientations, cultures and walks of life. He aspires to be nonjudgmental in his counseling, but also to be as transparent, genuine, and honest with a patient as is possible. He believes that psychotherapy is a very effective treatment to solve mental health problems. His believes that there is some good in everyone and deep down most family members love one another, no matter how distant they may seem. No matter how difficult the problem or situation, he never gives up on anyone or family. He knows that eventually things can and do improve.

When not otherwise engaged, Dr Maiden enjoys sports. He was a pretty good shortstop until he broke his elbow playing on the Alfred University faculty softball team and has since taken up golf. Dr. Maiden also enjoys time with his family. He’s been married for 35 years, has four adult children, one grandchild and another grandchild on the way. He also enjoys a good book on fiction or history from time to time.